Follow Up Actions


You've written and called your members of Congress, but haven't received a satisfactory answer from them. Either they declined to take the pledge (in which case, express your disappointment and ask them to reconsider) - or failed to respond altogether. What next?

  • If you haven't received an answer at all, call their office again.
  • Try to get a straight "Yes or No" answer in person. If you can't get a straight answer when you call, try to schedule in-person meetings with your members of Congress or their staff.  Or consider attending a public event where one of them will be to pose the question in person. Bring copies of the pledge to use as a reference.

Other ways you can follow up with members of Congress:

  • Encourage others to get involved! Encourage friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances in the same state/district to also contact their members of Congress about the pledge and/or pose the question at public events where they will be.
  • Table at a public event. Make a sign with a large photos of the members of Congress who have yet to take the pledge and encourage people passing by to sign a petition to them - or provide a cell phone with which to call the their office then and there.
  • Ask a local newspaper to poll members of Congress. Questions could focus on transparency of political donations, public financing of elections, and whether the candidate will take the "Pledge for Democracy."
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper (or submit a guest op-ed) about the pledge. Express your frustration over your members of Congress' refusal thus far to confirm whether or not they will take the pledge. Do so in a polite way, if you think an affirmative response is possible.
  • Encourage local/state groups and government to pass resolutions in favor of a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United v Federal Election Commission ruling. Send copies of any resolutions passed to your members of Congress and encourage them to get on board!
  • Create a Facebook group urging your members of Congress to take the pledge. Encourage others to "like" it.
  • Create an online video. Record your unsuccessful attempts to confirm whether your members of Congress will take the pledge, post the recording online, and spread the word about it.
  • Got any other bright ideas? Please share any other creative ideas you have for encouraging congressional candidates to take the pledge. We'll add ones we like to this page!

IMPORTANT: Remember to report back on what you do and how members of Congress respond! To do so, click on "Take Action: Ask Your Member" above, and click on your member of Congress's name until a simple form pops up.